The Human Rights Campaign HRC Arizona Gala has always owed its success to it’s volunteers.  Whether it was our first one eleven years ago or our 12th one on February 25, 2017, it is always our fabulous volunteers who always make it possible. It all depends upon the hard work and awesome enthusiasm of the hundreds of volunteers who help us out prior to, during, and after the Gala.

Registration and Check-In
Registration and Check-In
Silent Auction Checkout
Silent Auction Checkout

Depending upon what you like to do or what your skills may be, there are many places open on our various sub-committees.  Each sub-committee is headed up by a chair or co-chairs who develop and manage the responsibilities of each group and what they need to get done for the Gala

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Interested in web sites, social media, public relations, graphic design, talking to the press? Then this is the place for you.  This is our team which speaks out for us in Phoenix, Maricopa County and in Arizona, helping us to make sure that everyone knows about our Gala.  Please contact our co-chairs here.

Corporate Partnerships

The absolute success of each one of HRC Arizona’s Galas is based on the kind sponsorship of the businesses that make up Corporate America.  Our local Corporate Partnership Sub-Committee reaches out to the very involved Arizona corporate community.  This local community is indeed “Open to Everybody” and as such helps to make the Gala a great success by providing their support.  Our tremendous co-chairs can be reached here.

Program Book

We are looking for volunteers who will help fill up our program book with partners, local businesses and corporations who support the dinner and work of HRC Arizona.

This important publication documents everything about the dinner and is a keepsake that you will want to keep for years on end. To help with creating content and reaching out to local business partners please contact our Program Book Committee.

Operations, Logistics and Volunteers

You might call this the heart and brains of the Gala on February 27, 2016.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t working on other days, but on the 25th they are out registering, directing our guests, setting up the Silent Auction, ensuring that everyone is where they are supposed to be during all of the speech and activities occurring during the Gala Dinner activities.  It will be a team that will number in the hundred’s before all is said and done.  The night will not be the success that it is without them.

Sound fascinating?  Contact the co-chairs here.

Table Captains

One of the most important sub-committee’s of the Gala.  This group works to insure that each Table Captain strives to fill each of their tables with the requisite 10 people.  The Table Captain team hosts events throughout the year focused on securing all the Table Captains that we need, developing their table attainment, and acknowledging their success and commitment.  The co-chairs can be reached here.

Honorary Hosts

This important team makes sure that we reach out successfully to our local, state and national political representatives encouraging them to attend and support the event. For more information please contact

Silent Auction and Donations

This incredibly important sub-committee is actually broken up into 4 parts.

  • The Silent Auction team follows up with previous businesses and people who have supplied past Silent Auction’s with wonderful items which we have used in our exhibits of unique and special merchandise.  This special team works locally and nationally to acquire special items for our Silent Auction.
  • The Artists Council works over the entire year to hold various showings for artists and their work.  Sometimes this is even according to established themes.  Our next showing is tentatively scheduled for January of 2017 at Cityscape.  Stay tuned for further details.
  •  The Neighborhood Canvassing occurs at least 2 or 3 times prior to the Gala.  In this case, roving volunteers from HRC Arizona go into the neighborhoods and/or malls of the Valley acquiring items from businesses of that specific area to showcase at the Silent Auction.
  •   The Gift Bags Team works to secure items that will make our gift bags special and memorable for all of our guests.

If you are interested in helping Silent Auction, please contact the Auction Co-Chairs.

Volunteer for the HRC Gala!

An event like the HRC AZ Gala wouldn’t survive without the support of our wonderful volunteers!